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This is Why You Should Revisit Los Cabos for Your Next Girlfriends Getaway

As summer starts, our minds begin to wander to hot, beachside locales. Whether you’re trying to find the best place for a destination bachelorette party, want to celebrate a special occasion with the girls or just need some alone time with your best friends, nothing beats a little fun in the sun.
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Mermaid Gym Classes Are a Thing Apparently — and Are About to Get Real Popular

It seems like people will stop at nothing these days to keep their bodies in tip-top shape. So when we heard about this new fitness trend called mermaid workouts, we were slightly confused but also very intrigued. Read on to find out what exactly these workouts entail (pun intended) and why people are so excited about them in this post originally featured on JustLuxe.
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How Virtual Reality Could Shake Up the Fashion Industry

Years ago, fashion was slow to embrace technological change; today the industry has done a complete turnaround. Technology and fashion have been fast to embrace each other and a co-dependent relationship has developed with advances in the internet and social media. Today it’s almost impossible to find a label without a strong online presence be it through e-commerce retailers, social media or advertising.
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These Iconic Royal Wedding Dresses are the Ultimate Bridal Inspiration

It’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed when planning a wedding. Even brides that have hired the most talented planners in the business still feel pressure to choose the best floral arrangements, cakes, caterers and find a location that will be intimate and romantic while still holding hundreds of people.
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From Beyoncé to Gwyneth Paltrow: These are the 9 Best Diet Secrets of Your Favorite Celebrities

You’re two weeks into your “New Year, New You” plan. Right about now the luster and excitement of those sparkly resolutions is starting wearing off, and most people are trying to find the motivation to keep going. Sometimes it seems impossible to meet those fitness goals, but remember you’re not doing it alone.
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Aria Is Changing Its Image & Bringing In Celebrity Chefs, A Nightclub & Updated Luxury Suites

The holidays are officially over. Presents have been opened, we sang Auld Lang Syne at midnight and (thankfully) family has packed up and gone back home. It’s time for a little relaxation. To get away from the insanity and stress of the season and start the New Year off with a bang, we grabbed a friend and jetted to Vegas in hopes of finding a little fun and pleasure at Aria Resort & Casino.
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How Charlotte Cho and Soko Glam Changed the US Beauty Landscape

Chances are in the last year or two you’ve been a part of the Korean skin care revolution. Maybe you’ve tried a sheet face mask, traded your foundation for a cushion compact or even upgraded your daily routine to include a multi-step process of double washing, essences, serums and the like. If you’ve fallen in love with any part of your Korean beauty routine then you probably have Charlotte Cho to thank for that.
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Innovative Makeup Brushes Might Change the Way We Think About Skincare

With the rise of beauty stars and social media makeup gurus, the retail market has grown exponentially, promoting the development of new products, formulas and application systems. But the latest innovation in beauty comes in the form of a new line of skincare makeup brushes. This month Artis released the Digit Skincare 5 Brush Set, a new skincare applicator system that allows you to apply serums and lotions with a gentle touch and pinpoint precision.
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Classy Cancun: Club Med is a Lavish Breath of Fresh Air for Vacationing Families & Couples

the city of spring break, 24-hour nightclubs and more alcohol than a fraternity could down in a week—or at least that’s what I’ve always thought. Before last weekend I had never been there and its tales of rumpus frivolity and potentially illicit activities did not put it high on the list of places I needed to see before I die, but that was until I actually visited the coastal city.
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The Treasure Vaults of Iconic Fashion

Art comes in many forms. For fashion lovers, a collection of vintage Chanel handbags or lingerie inspired by the Victorian era can be more exquisite than any stuffy old painting. While most museums boast centuries-old antiquities—the works of Polyclitus, Titan and Brunelleschi—we prefer the talents of Dior, Bulgari and McQueen.
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The Most Dangerous Beauty Trends in History

Beauty is pain. Or at least that’s the age old adage we tell ourselves when we’re in the middle of a bikini wax. But most of us are willing to suffer a bit in an effort to see results. We’ll inject toxins into our foreheads in an attempt to stave off aging, run needles over our face until we bleed to improve our skin tone and shoot painful lasers over our skin to remove unsightly body hair.
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Gucci Recreates The Myth of Orpheus and Eurydice for a Fashionable Audience

Since Alessandro Michele took over as creative director at Gucci, the Italian house has been one of the most on-trend and covetable labels in fashion. This is, in part, due to his quirky aesthetic and eccentric designs, but he’s also been building the brand’s visual storytelling with a series of shoppable videos, a highly curated social media campaign and some of the most Instagramable shows in the industry.
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Marissa Stempien

Marissa Stempien graduated with a degree in English Literature and a minor in Asian Studies from San Francisco State University. Previously a beauty editor, Marissa now utilizes her love and passion of luxurious fashion everyday as Fashion Editor of JustLuxe. Originally from Santa Barbara, CA, Marissa has traveled to various cities across the globe, most recently returning from living abroad in Tokyo. Always gathering jewelry and accessories from her travels, her unique lifestyle has given way to her love of fashion, culture and design. When not shopping for the latest heels, Marissa enjoys writing short stories in her spare time.